Yoga for Kids

with the GIOCAYOGA® method

Yoga Bambini | VedaVita Yoga Art Studio

Why choose Yoga for Kids?

Here at VedaVita, kids can practice Yoga following the GiocaYoga® method: playing games, the spice of life, is a way to introduce the teachings of Yoga to the little ones (“Gioca” is the Italian word for “Play”).

In our fast-paced world, stress and confusion affect also our kids’ well being. The practice of yoga among the youngest is becoming more common these days, even some schools are introducing yoga classes in their programs.

Tapping into this ancient discipline, we teach kids to value their body and be respectful and caring toward themselves and the environment.

In a context playful and never competitive, we lead the child through a path that works off the tensions, controls the energy, improves concentration, fosters self-awareness and reveals each one’s personal skills.

With the games we play, we offer the possibility to experiment, learn and respect each other’s space, familiarize with own’s breathing, embrace and develop emotions.

Il Gioco, is sale della Vita

Playing games, the spice of life

How Yoga for Kids is carried out?

Remaining faithful to the traditional teachings, when teaching yoga to kids the approach is different and it becomes a naturally playful, easy and child-friendly experience.

We mix different ingredients together, such as storytelling, games, individual, in pairs and in group, drawings, we play with small musical instruments, and perform theatrical games.

We begin each class by telling the children a fairytale or a legend. Characters, animals and natural elements from the story represent the different asanas (the yoga body postures). When in turn the kids have to embody the postures, they are so immersed in the play, body and mind, that their assimilation becomes both easy and profound!

We take up all the space, activating all the body parts and letting creativity burst, while chanting and dancing build up a sense of group belonging.

Always relating to the story told at the beginning, every class finishes with simple breathing and relaxation exercises and a brief guided meditation to gently access the deeper inner-self.

The objectives of Yoga for Kids

Yoga bambini | VedaVita Yoga Art Studio

GiocaYoga | VedaVita Yoga Art Studio

On the physical level:

  • Coordination and flexibility
  • Freedom of corporal expression
  • Muscular tone

On the educational level:

  • Collaboration with others
  • Focus
  • Learning ability and memory

On the personal growth level:

  • Anxiety and stress reduction
  • Feelings expression
  • Energy channelling

“Sow the good seeds that will produce good fruits in the form of wise actions and behaviors”

The course is aimed at children aged 6 to 11 years.

Teacher: Barbara Baldaccini on Friday from 5 PM to 6 PM

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