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Yoga in the kitchen

Corsi di cucina Vegetariana e Vegana | VedaVita Yoga Art Studio Roma

If you are looking for vegetarian and vegan cooking classes in Rome, you’ve come to the right place.

But why Yoga in the kitchen? Because food has always been a powerful way to bring together different people and cultures. Because vegan and vegetarian food is in harmony with the non-violence concept of the  Aihmsa, which is a fundamental principle of Yoga.

The daily act of cooking, in the Indovedic tradition, is a sacred one. Food must be prepared with love, offered with devotion to the Divine and honored as Prasada, which means mercy.

Cooking is one of the Vedic arts. Our cooking workshops are inspired by the traditional Ayurvedic science, the science of longevity. All ingredients are prepared carefully, paying close attention to colors, scents and flavors.

Vegetarian food is an inherent part of the practice of Yoga. In the Bhagavad-gita, the reference book for Yoga, a number of different food are described, classified based on “guna”, the different modes of material nature. The foods that facilitate the practice of Yoga and meditation, is edible, may be offered and increase longevity is the virtuous food, (under the influence of the Sattva Guna), foods that are too salty or too spicy, for example, are cause for tension and illness (under the influence of the Raja Guna, the passion), food that is stale and smelly and can be cherished only by the ignorant people (under the influence of the Tama Guna, ignorance).

At the VedaVita cooking workshops, one also learns the use and combine many different spices, understanding their specific properties, being those digestive, invigorating or even therapeutic.

Workshops are thoroughly practical: once the food is ready, we have lunch together and eat it! If you wish, you can also invite your friend to eat with us.

The workshops are guided by Munindra and Krishna kanta, vegetarians for more than twenty years and in charge of the “Vegetarian Soul” street-food project and of the Villa Govinda Ashram‘s traveling kiosk.

Vegetarian Soul | Corsi di Cucina Vegetariana e Vegana

Vegetarian Soul is part of our cultural and spiritual research project on the ancient Vedic knowledge.

For more information, prices and schedule, do not hesitate to get in touch by email at or by phone calling 338 7629257 or 333 7397168.

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