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Ivan Radicioni

Born on 11 August 1979, Ivan graduates in Sociology in 2004 at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. At the same University he gets in touch with the SIAM (Italian Society of Medical Anthropology) and starts University classes on Anthropology as well.

In 2003 he starts collaborating as social researcher with the IISMAS (International Medical Anthropological and Social Science Institute), with them he leaves for a research trip in Tigray, North Ethiopia, close to the border with Eritrea, producing the documentary “Appunti di viaggio” (Travel Notes) with Giulio Leonardi.

He becomes a student at the Italian Academy of Humanist Reiki in Turin in 2007, where in 2012 he earns his Master Degree.

In the same years Ivan undertakes several others research trips to Ecuador, Mexico, Amazon, India and Thailand, where he further his knowledge on the philosophic aspects of popolar cultures and their ancient medical practices.

In 2011 he resides in Iquitos, Peru, where he attends a course on the therapeutic practices of Amazonic culture of Shipibo, at the Healing Center “Anaconda Cosmica”, where, in collaboration with Gioia Di Biagio, he also produces a documentary on the same subject titled “Espiritu de Anaconda”.

In 2012 he travels to Kerala, India, to follow the training program on Ayurveda Therapy, at the Trivandrum “Vasudeva Vilasam International Istitute of Ayurveda”. Thanks to Doctor M. K. Maden Kumar, he can look more deeply into the practical and theoretical aspects of Ayurveda Medicine practices using the oils. He also comes closer to the Vedic culture and philosophy by practicing Yoga at the Trivandrum “Shivananda” Yoga school. He then has a two-month training at the “Maruthi Marma & Chukilsa Kalari Sangham” martial and medical arts school of Hassan Tangapan and son Ajit Kumar, where at the same time he produces a documentary film on their activities.

In 2013 and 2014 Ivan travel to Thailand, to stay in Chiang Mai city, where he attends different training courses at the “Loikroh Traditional Thai Massage & Yoga” school, specifically courses in Feet Reflexology, Abdominal Detox (Chi Nei Tsang) and Thai Massage with Yajima Keiji and Tassanee Boonsom as his teachers. While in Thailand, at the Thai Healing Arts Association he studies Bamboo Massage, an ancestral technique, passed down for generations, that uses warm bamboo oil. He then stays for a few weeks at Master Arjan Sinchai’s house, acknowledged as reference for more than forty years of studies in the use of Thai Massage for patients’ recovery in hospitals.

In Rome Ivan studies Shiatsu Masunaga at the European Shiatsu Institute since 2012 and he’s founded the Jurokumon Aikido Association, where he practices Aikido daily.

Degrees and Certificates:

  • International Istitute of Ayurveda Vasudeva Villasam, Kerala, India
  • Loikroh Traditional Thai Massage & Yoga Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Thai Healing Arts Association, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Accademia Italiana Reiki Umanistico, Torino
  • Istituto Europeo di Shiatsu, Roma

Angela Caimano

A former school professor in art and classical studies, Angela learns several different aspects of the Yoga, before stepping into complementary medicine.

She the studied Homeopathy, Chinese medicine and specialized in Feet Reflexology. After three years of studies on Anathomy and Pathophysiology of the Human Body, Psychosomatic, Foot Reading and the  associated various heeling techniques earning, she earns a degree at the “Università Popolare dello Sport” in Rome.

At the same school in Rome, Angela then specialized in Chromotherapy and attended classes on Bach Flowers, with the professor Perla Graffeo.

She also learned Metamorphic Massage also known as Prenatal Therapy, which is aimed to release tensions and aid with the difficulties of the pre-birth phase, letting the vital forces to flow freely and besides pregnant women it is actually effective on children, on the elderly and on people with physical or psychical disabilities,

At the “Alta Formazione Ayurvedica Athara Veda” Institute of Rome, she studied for two years different Indian Medicine matters, such as Nutrition, Phytotherapy, Pulse and Tongue Analysis and many several Ayurvedic MassagesTridosha, Lymphatic, Keralian, Head and Face, Articular, Muscular (with feet), Venous, Arterial, with Ice, with Powders and the Shirodara (pouring warm oil on the forehead).

In fact, it does not exist such a thing as the Ayurvedic Massage because depending on the different cases, a different technique is applied for the treatment, choosing the right oils and other ingredients. Besides a general positive effect on relaxation and circulation of all body fluids, these treatments may act as an effective healing therapies.

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