The Teachers

Krishna Kanta Devi Dasi (Chiara Benedetti) 

She has been practicing Yoga since 1996, when she met her spiritual Master Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Maharaj in India. She’s been living in the Ashram for years beneath his loving guidance.

In April 2003, together with other fellow practitioners, she founded an Ashram in Brianza (at the foot of the Alps in northern Italy), know as “Villa Govinda Ashram”, a place open to all who truly seek spiritual knowledge following the way of Bhati. In 2014, together with Munindra Mohan (Marco Bosi) she opened the VedaVita Art Studio, in Rome Trastevere.

She has translated to Italian several books on the practice of Bhakti Yoga. The most recent and best known published work is “Srimad-Bhagavad-Ghita, il Tesoro Nascosto del Dolce Assoluto”, with notes by Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Maharaj.

In Milan, Rome and other Italian cities she led severals seminars and conferences about the Evolution of Consciousness according to the Vedas and about Yoga according to the Bhagavad-Ghita. At VedaVita she leads the meetings on Yoga Philosophy and the vegetarian and vegan cooking workshops.

Munindra Mohan Das (Marco Bosi)

He has been practicing Yoga ever since in 1997 his spiritual Master Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Maharaj accepted him as his disciple.

After traveling India and living in several different Ashrams, he was back to Italy in 2003 where with his fellow practitioners co-founded the Villa Govinda Ashram, before opening the VedaVita Yoga Art Studio in Rome in 2014.

He has been studying for years the Srimad Bhagavad-Ghita and is committed to spreading the authentic teachings of Vedas’ spiritual ontology by means of translating and publishing books, communicating with the Intranet and holding conferences. Among his many interests, vegetarian cuisine, one of the 64 vedic arts, is also very important. At VedaVita he leads Yoga philosophy meetings and the vegetarian and vegan cooking workshops.

George Minot

George Minot

George Minot trained at Ashtanga Yoga New York with Eddie Stern & co; and with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Rangaswamy of the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India.

At VedaVita teaches Led Ashtanga yoga in English.

Born in Massachusetts (but lived in New York for most of his life), is a Lecturer in Creative Writer at John Cabot University. He is the author of the 2004 novel ‘The Blue Bowl’ (Knopf) and the 2012 novel  ‘om love’ (Knopf).

In addition to fiction, he writes non-fiction, works as an environmental communications consultant (writing and editing), and healing with whole foods.

Barbara Baldaccini

Barbara Baldaccini

Quite young Barbara undertook a career path in Italy and abroad about theatrical body expression through dance, body mime and gestural theater followed by a very intense phase of personal growth.

The practice of Yoga started as a complement, but has then become central to her research, thanks to inspiring encounters with spiritual masters and the reading of the Scriptures, which allowed her to sense the discipline’s deep values, both on the mat and in everyday life.

Determined to further her studies, she traveled to India to study at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, in Chennai and the Sivananda Centre in Madurai.

Barbara is now certified by Yoga Alliance both as an RYT 500 Registered Yoga Teacher and an RCYT 200 Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher. She’s also a teacher certified by the AIYB (Associazione Nazionale Yoga per Bambini – the Italian National Association of Yoga for children). One of her major goals is in fact that to infuse love and self-respect at as early as possible an age.

She is also qualified in Expressive-Relational Dance Movement Therapy (DMT-ER), which renders her able to manage many physical or psychical challenges.

At VedaVita Barbara teaches Yoga for Kids, Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga (Dynamic Yoga).

Cristina Intelisano

Cristina Intelisano

Coming from a Classical Studies background, Cristina graduated in Performing Arts at “La Sapienza” University of Rome, to then further her studies as an actress at the “La Scaletta” Theatre Academy  and at the Urban Theater University “Fabrizio Cruciani”.

While studying theater’s arts and techniques, she at first discovers Yoga as a means to achieve perfect body-breath control.  She experiments mixing Yoga with the Orazio Costa Giovangigli’s mime method, which is a technique to achieve focus and self-control, Yoga so becoming a fundamental part of her training in acting and dancing.

Hence she decides to further her knowledge of Yoga, by studying the Iyengar principles, which aim specifically at body alignment and wellbeing. She studied with Mirjana Simic, Sandra Bertani, Ute Merket, Lynn Walters, Emilia Pagani to eventually decide to become a certified teacher herself.

At VedaVita Cristina teaches Iyengar Yoga

Tiziana Cincinnato

She is a bachelor in Polish Literature at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, she studied and translated to Italian several historical and literature writings, contemporary theater during her long stay in Warsaw, Cracow and Lodz.

She studied contemporary dance and from there she begun practicing Yoga. She attended the classes to become a Iyengar Yoga teacher under the guidance of Ute Merkert, Lyn Walters and Emilia Pagani, and become a certified teacher herself.

Currently she is teaching and furthering her knowledge of the Yoga while still fulfilling her passions for writing, arts, travels and the sea.

At VedaVita Tiziana is a teacher of the Iyengar Yoga course and is available for personal training.

Pierluigi Bellini

Pierluigi Bellini

Bellini Pierluigi was born in 1965 and began practicing the Karate in 1978. He started with the Shotokan style to further his studies with the Wado Ryu. In the 80’s reaches the Black Belt degree, 1 Dan.

In 1987 joined the Master Congelosi School and driven by curiosity, along the Karate, he begun to practice also the Kung-Fu, fascinated by the teaching methods and the technical approach.

In 1997, together with other fellows from the Master Cangelosi School, opened a new branch of the Cangelosi School in Tivoli (north-east of Rome), then named TMA – Traditional Martial Art.

In the same years promotes the Cangelosi School by participating to all the public demonstrations: in 2000 in Rome at the Palazzetto Flaminio, then in Genoa for the School’s twenty years anniversary, at the Kombat Festival, at the Cinema and Theater event in Rome and in 2004 also in Parma.

In the meantime he also reaches the Si Sook 7th grade (which in Karate would be approximately equal to a 3 Dan Black Belt).

In 2005 he undertakes the ISSA course to become Pesonal Fitness Trainer and starts teaching Thai Box at the school in Tivoli and Kombat Kung Fu the following year.

At Veda Vida he teaches Kung Fu for Kids and is available to arrange personal classes also for adults.

Lorenzo Casadei

Driven by his interest in the study of Eastern Traditions, Lorenzo Casadei begins practicing Aikido participating at the first international Shinkido seminar with Master Kurihara in 1995 and in 1996 with Master Tada. Also in 1996 he meets Master Xu Xin in Padua and start also practicing Tai-Chi-Chuan.

In 1998 he joins the dojo of Master Noro (Kinomichi) in Paris, once back to Italy decides to further his Tada-Juku and particularly the training methods of Master Tada.

He moves to Rome in 2001 where he starts practicing Shodo with the Master Norio Nagayama and Iaido with Master Dionino Giangrande at the Aikizennokai, where he keeps on also developing his Aikido.

In 2002 he also begins studying Hata Yoga with Master Grazia Melloni, which in turns is practicing also Iyengar Yoga. The same year he achieves the 1st Dan degree in Aikido with master Hideki Hosokawa and in 2005 the 2nd Dan in both Aikido and Irido, in 2009 the 3rd and in 2013 the 4th Dan in Aikido.

He has traveled to Japan five times to join the Gessoji Dojo of Master Tada. He manages CasadeiLibri which is a publishing house specialized in writings on and from Eastern cultures.

At VedaVita Lorenzo teaches Aikido for kids.

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