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Kung-Fu for Kids | VedaVita Yoga Art Studio

Kung-Fu for Kids

Kung-Fu for kids is conceived specifically for the psychophysical development of the children aged between 6 and 12 years. Particular attention is given to motor coordination, respiratory control and self-defense techniques.

Kung-Fu training for kids is organized as a series of games to play for fun that lead nonetheless the children to discover their skills, acquire new physical abilities, interact with the other kids and learn respect and discipline, fundamental core values of all the martial arts.

In general Kung-Fu refers to all Chinese Martial arts. There are countless different styles that can be roughly classified in two different categories: external styles wei dan and internal styles nei dan.

External style basically rely on raw muscular strength, examples of external styles are Shaolin, Hung-Gar and Tang-Lang.

In the internal styles it is instead the inner energy that drives the movements of the body. Tai-Chi-Chuan, Pa-Kua e Hsing-Yi belong to the nei dan school.

The origins of the many Kung-Fu styles is very ancient and often legendary. Every style was inspired by a specific object, natural element or even philosophical principle, and then developed in a consistent whole combat system.

The Tang-Lang style, for example, is inspired by the Praying Mantis’ combat strategies, while the Pa-Kua style is inspired by the I-Ching, the ancient Chinese divination text.

Every style involves the use of weapons, the most common are the sword, straight or curved, the spear and the long stick

Learning Kung-Fu is also an occasion to get in touch with the different aspects of the Chinese culture, the various philosophies and the traditional Chinese medicine.

Teacher: Pierluigi Bellini every Monday and Wednesday form 5 pm to 6 pm

Kung-Fu for Adults

If you are interested in private lessons on Kung-Fu, for more information please contact us at these phone numbers: 06 69371556 or 333 7397168

At VecangelosidaVita Yoga Art Studio, the teaching of Kung-Fu follows the Sifu Paolo Cangelosi school programs. For more information: http://www.sifupaolocangelosi.com/

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