Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a traditional Yoga style. “Ha” means sun, “tha” moon. The union of these two psychoenergetic principles, sun and moon, hot and cold, yin and yang that exist in every living being, is one of the major results of practicing this style.

We will improve flexibility, muscular strenght and balance through the correct action of the muscles and the skeletal alignement, combined with conscious breathing (pranayama). We will use breathing techniques and mantra vocalizations to reach deeper meditation.

Hatha Yoga is aimed to both adults and young people, beginners and experts, and to whoever is looking to harmonize the physical, mental and spiritual bodies with an accessible and vivifying practice.

The practice of Hatha Yoga begins with one’s own body, own respiration and own mind.

We will faithfully refer to the original Hatha Yoga practices (asana, kriya, bandha, mudra, mantra, pranayama, nidra, swara), experienced and performed towards tantric spiritualism.

The proper and consistent practice of Hatha Yoga increases tone and flexibility of the body and the mind,  reinforces the muscles and the will and enables to reach coherence in thoughts and action. An inconsistent, unsteady or worse, sloppy practice, may result harmful.

The pranayama is a series of breathing exercises aimed to improve awareness of the unity of body and mind. Gaining control of breathing enables to channel the energy to the bodily functions – physical, mental and spiritual – and to recover imbalance or deficiencies.

The swara yoga is a science that studies the energy flow by observing the rhythm of natural breath. In practice it prescribes the use of active imagination to achieve awareness of the bodily functions and how they are affected by breathing and hence, by controlling breathing, reach harmony.

Teacher: Barbara Baldaccini Wednesday and Friday (from 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM). Classes can be in English if requested

Vinyasa Yoga (Dynamic Yoga)

Smoothness and vigor are distinctive of this style which moves fluidly from one asana to the other following the flow of breathing.

Dynamic phases are alternated with static phases where the position is held to achieve a deep and strong effect both on body and energy.

Breathing techniques and meditation complete the workout, leading to a finer and fuller self-awareness.

Teacher: Barbara Baldaccini Tuesday and Friday (from 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM). Classes can be in English if requested

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