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Riflessologia Plantare Roma | VedaVita yoga Art Studio

Riflessologia Plantare | VedaVita Yoga Art Studio

Foot Reflexology is performed as a two step treatment, the two steps combined trigger the natural body rebalancing and self-healing process.

During the first part of the treatment session, pressure is applied on the reflexology points on the sole that correspond to the different body parts. For the second part the feet are massaged so to consolidate the action of the first part and relax the body, stimulating the energy flow and revitalizing the whole organism.

The therapist performs the massage applying the thumbs on the bottom of the feet. On the sole there is in fact a very large number of nerve terminals that when stimulated influence the correspondent body part.

There is an actual chart of these correspondences, i.e. what point on the foot is linked to what gland, organ, or other part or system found in or on the body. Applying pressure to these points appropriately, will result in increased health.  The image at the top of this page is an example of reflexology chart.

The benefits of Foot Reflexology are many, some of them are:

  • Improve the mood
  • Restore psychophysical harmony
  • Relax and rebalance the nervous system
  • Improve blood circulation and oxygenation
  • Stimulate the body natural immune defense
  • Increase the quality of sleep
  • Reduce stress eating
  • Enhance internal organs functionalities
  • Boost tissues oxygenation

Therapists: Angela Caimano and Ivan Radicioni

Duration: 60 min | Price: 40 euro

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