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Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional progression of asana (psycho-physical postures) designed to increase strength, flexibility and peace of mind.

Ashtanga Yoga dissolves the stress, the lack of concentration and the sensation of heaviness in exchange for peacefulness, lightness and mental clarity through the magic of a continuous movement, rigorous and precise repetitions and the retention of the postures.

In the practice of Ashtanga Yoga the focus is on breathing (pranayama), and on the mind (the internal witness), while refining to perfection each posture.

Being aware of own’s breathing is fundamental for a proper practice of the asana. The breathing technique used here is called Ujjay, deep breathing performed with open and relaxed throat, with a slight closing of the glottis: this way the air flowing in and out makes a distinctive sound, like the waves of the sea; breathing must be deep, calm and strong at the same time.

The direction of the stare (dristhi) is also important when practicing Ashtanga Yoga and it relates directly to breathing and postures.

At VedaVita, we follow the teaching of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founding guru of Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore style, as he himself was taught by Krishnamacharya.

The exercises are supervised, there’s no need for any previous knowledge or expertise of Ashtanga. If you can breath, you can practice!

The course is suitable to all levels. The classes are in English (Italians are also welcome, the classes are so easy to follow anyway!) 

Note: Ashtanga Yoga is an energetic practice, but it is also a work of elaboration and search for internal harmony. Sometimes it is described as a harsh style, but it is not. With the right guidance, ashtanga is a beautiful and choreographic experience, and also one of physically active meditation.

It has to be practiced with an empty stomach, it is recommended not to eat anything at least two hours before the lesson. Clothing has to be comfortable and the exercises are done barefoot.

The teacher, George Minot, has studied yoga at the “Ashtanga Yoga New York” with Eddie Stern & Co. and at the “Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute” in Mysore, India, withSri K. Pattabhi Jois e Sharath Rangaswamy.

Teacher: George Minot on Tuesday and Thursday  (20:00/21:15) and on Saturday (10:30/12:00)

Classes are led in English 

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