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Abdominal Detox | VedaVita Yoga Art Studio

Chi Nei Tsang Massage Treatment (also Qi Nei Tsang or Abdominal Detox or Visceral Detox)

“Health is an harmonically balanced state of the resonant energies”

The Abdominal Detox applies direct methods to massage the internal organs in order to energize while detoxing and fortifying.

Originally Chi Nei Tsang was developed by Chinese Taoist Monks in mountain monasteries, to detox and fortify their own bodies and so be able to perform their spiritual practices. Literally, Chi Nei Tsang means “to work the energy of the internal organs”.

Today the Abdominal Detox massage is a specific manual practice part of the traditional Chinese medicine. IN fact such practice is also to be found in all of the other traditional medicine practices, in particular in ancient Indian medicine. It is also known as “visceral massage” referring to the action performed on the abdomen.

According to traditional oriental medicine, most important body energy channels cross path in the abdominal area. These channels can be stimulated also by a direct manipulation; this means that an abdominal massage not only affects the abdomen internal organs, but the whole body.

The Chi, or Prana, which is the vital energy, flows through the internal channels of the body, the nervous system, the blood vessels, the lymphatic glands and so on. These systems converge and concentrate in the abdomen, which is their control center.

Tension, worries, and stress accumulate along the days, months, or even years and are hardly dissipated. These problems produce physical knotting and pain, the result is the gradual obstruction of the energy flow which leads to physical illness such as indigestion, constipation, insomnia and a level of toxicity in the whole body that contributes to poor skin quality and to make it difficult to loose weight.

Since ancient times it is known that negative emotions and “bad influences” negatively affect health, compromising physical and psychical functions. Every human emotion is expression of energy and some emotions can reveal negative energy coming from a physical issue or imbalance.

Every organ is related to a specific type of emotion, so that a specific emotion can indicate the corresponding organ’s health. For example, the feeling of a knot in the stomach is a symptom of anxiety, which in fact is the emotion that builds up in the stomach and the spleen.

These issues develop as a result of the emotions we go through during the day, passing from anger to fear, from anxiety to depression, and so on. These emotions frequently turn out by obstructing or interfering with the natural flow of vital energy.

Often the root cause is an external one, too much work, too many medicines, stress, traumas, surgery, toxins, climate changes, poor diet, sleep disorders, and so on.

Seeking a way out, these negative emotions and toxic energies move to the abdomen, which elaborates the psychic input producing a physical reaction. When not balanced, the physical reaction affects emotions and over an extended period of time this leads to a chronic state of psychophysical unbalance that in turn has consequences on the ability to manage life effectively and impacting self-realization.

Chi Nei Tsang or Detox Massage is an effective and direct way to eliminate energy locks, expel toxins, negative emotions and excessive heat that are cause of the organs malfunction.

Stress, tension and negative emotions typical of our modern lifestyle, build up in our abdomen. The internal energy of our body gets stuck when this area is congested, slowly undermining our internal organs, diminishing our vitality.

Therapist: Ivan Radicioni

Duration: 90 min | Price: 70 euro

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